Morning Flight Update – September 27, 2019

This week featured some notable influxes of a few later Warblers, as well as a distinct departure of some of our early season migrants. While we only had one major flight, it was a good week overall with a few good flights and only one really slow day. Wednesday was…...

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Montclair Hawkwatch Update – September 19th

Fall migration data collection at the Montclair Hawkwatch began on September 1st, and over the course of the past two weeks, raptor migration activity has steadily been ramping up. On the 1st, two eager Broad-winged Hawks flew southward, leading the charge for future migrants. Until the end of the first…...

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Cape May Hawkwatch Update – September 19th

Greetings! Jesse Amesbury here, the 2019 Cape May Hawk Counter. You may remember me from 2016 when I was an interpretive naturalist at the hawk watch. Since then I have spent the subsequent two falls counting raptors in the Florida Keys and at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. It is…...

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