Montclair Hawk Lookout Update: 9/12 – 10/1/2021

The last 3 weeks of September were not spectacular in terms of raptor numbers, but nevertheless produced some good sightings and interesting migration data.  Typically, this is the period all Montclair-area birders wait with bated breath for the “big push” of Broad-winged Hawks, a true avian spectacle that is usually…...

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Migration at the Point – October 6, 2021

Leaders: Brett Ewald, Chris Marks, Mary Watkins Temp: Winds: Weather Conditions: 54 species Species Count Mute Swan 8 Gadwall 2 Eurasian Wigeon 1 American Wigeon 11 Mallard 20 American Black Duck 1 Green-winged Teal 8 Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) 1 Mourning Dove 6 Sanderling 2 Laughing Gull 7 Herring Gull…...

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