Birding the Meadows – June 13, 2022

Leaders: Karen Thompson, Chris Marks, Mary Watkins, Dave Pollard Temp: Winds: Weather Conditions: We started out with clouds but eventually the sun emerged.  Temperature was in the 70s with no real winds. A group of 16 Black Skimmers was resting on the beach, which was a surprise at this site.…...

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Sunset Beach: A Place for all Seasons – June 12, 2022

Leaders: Mary Watkins, Bert Hixon, Ruth Bergstrom, Bernie Hodgdon Temp: 71° F Winds: S 4 mph Weather Conditions: 42 species Species Count Mallard 2 Ruddy Duck 1 Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) 3 Mourning Dove 2 Chimney Swift 4 Clapper Rail 6 Laughing Gull 35 Herring Gull 1 Great Black-backed Gull…...

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