CAPE MAY SPRINGWATCH: Mid-late May Summary

  Did we save the best for last? This Gray Kingbird, a very rare overshoot from the South, flew past the Springwatch on our last day of operation, May 31. It represents just the 9th Cape May record for the species. Photo © Jesse Amesbury. BY TOM REED & JESSE AMESBURY…...

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Bird Walk for all People – June 30, 2022

Leaders: Chris Marks, Lynn Pollard, Dave Pollard, Mary Watkins Temp: 82° F Winds: 0-2 mph Weather Conditions: clear 43 species Species Count Canada Goose 28 Mute Swan 72 Mallard 22 Yellow-billed Cuckoo 1 Ruby-throated Hummingbird 1 American Oystercatcher 3 Killdeer 1 Laughing Gull 18 Herring Gull 6 Great Black-backed Gull…...

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