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With the recent announcement that Spotted Lanternfly has been confirmed in New Jersey, NJA is republishing a blog post from 2017 regarding how to properly identify the non-native and highly invasive Tree-of-Heaven (Ainlanthus altissima) from native sumacs.  Tree-of-Heaven has been identified as the host plant for the Spotted Lanternfly and can be…...

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New Jersey Audubon Referenced in New Textbook by Renowned Forest Ecologists

When one talks about THE experts of modem day ecological forestry all roads lead to Dr. Jerry Franklin and Dr. K. Norman Johnson.  Their recent work, Ecological Forest Management,  outlines the “fundamental changes that have occurred in all aspects of forestry over the last 50 years, including the underlying science, societal…...

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Wild Northern Bobwhite Released for 4th Consecutive Year in NJ Pinelands!

(March 2018, Chatsworth, NJ): For the fourth consecutive year wild Northern Bobwhite quail were translocated from Georgia to the New Jersey Pinelands, as part of a multi-state initiative to re-establish Northern Bobwhite in the Mid-Atlantic States. Lead by New Jersey Audubon, with project collaborators Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy,…...

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