CMBO Daily Roundup – October 12, 2018

[Above: American Kestrel #5039 of the day migrates past the Cape May Hawkwatch, establishing a new single-day record.]

Weather: A memorable day as the cold front and remnants of Michael departed over the Atlantic, with variable clouds ushered past on strong NW winds that gusted to 50mph during the early morning. Temperatures remained in the low to mid 60s throughout the day.

A bit unexpected was this Parasitic Jaeger that flew past the Higbee dike during the mid-morning; an additional two were seen over the Higbee fields! Photo © Tom Reed.

Migration counts: Morning Flight (0651-0906), Hawkwatch (0700-1845), Seawatch (0706-1900)

Banding: closed today due to high winds

An angry Delaware Bay as seen from the Higbee dike this morning, Photo © Tom Reed.

Birding summary: Rain during the overnight prevented any significant songbird flight, though a few Blackpolls, Phoebes, Purple Finches, and Yellow-rumped Warblers made it through. The Eurasian Wigeon and Cackling Goose were both seen at Cape May Pt. State Park during the morning, though the latter appeared to depart west toward Delaware with a small flock of Canada Geese during the late afternoon. Raptors, and especially Kestrels, dominated the birding scene today. A stunning total of 5406 Kestrels migrated past the Hawkwatch, establishing a new single-day record. The season’s first Golden Eagle also appeared at Cape May Point during the late afternoon. A number of wading birds were on the move by evening, including several hundred egrets tallied between Avalon and Cape May Point.

Cackling Goose (at left) flying past Cape May Point during the late afternoon. Photo © Tom Reed.

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