CMBO Daily Roundup – October 5, 2018

Weather: A cooler day behind the passage of a cold front, with skies primarily overcast throughout and some showers passing through during the afternoon hours.  North winds shifted to northeast by mid-morning and increased as the day went along, with gusts to 25mph by mid-afternoon.

Migration counts: Morning Flight (0645-1100), Hawkwatch (0645-1745), Seawatch (0700-1835)

Banding: 6.5 hours, 101 individuals across 15 species. Highlights: Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Sharp-shinned Hawk. Top Species: Yellow-rumped Warbler (57), Gray Catbird (11 + 1 recaptured), Common Yellowthroat (9), Northern Waterthrush (4), Red-eyed Vireo (4 + 1 recaptured)

American Bittern at Cape May Pt. State Park. Photo © Erik Bruhnke.

Birding summary: The early morning brought a strong but short-lived songbird flight, with 150 Northern Parulas and 235 Blackpoll Warblers north past the Higbee dike and a notable 788+ Blackpolls north past Del Haven. Continuing a strong autumn for Osprey, another 288 were tallied at the hawkwatch. The male Eurasian Wigeon was again seen at the South Cape May Meadows, and at least one American Bittern was noted at Cape May Pt. State Park. Several observers noted a steady nocturnal movement of herons and other migrants over Cape Island during the evening hours.

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