CMBO Daily Roundup – October 8, 2018

Weather: A seasonably mild and mainly overcast day with areas of fog during the morning. Winds were steady from the east at about 10mph throughout.

Migration counts: Morning Flight (0647-1032), Hawkwatch (0700-1745), Seawatch (0702-1831)

Osprey at Cape May Point. Photo © Erik Bruhnke

Banding: 6.5 hours (0630-1300), 101 individuals across 17 species (+1 recapture only). Highlights: Yellow-billed Cuckoo (2), Least Flycatcher. Top Species: Yellow-rumped Warbler (57 + 1 recaptured), Gray Catbird (12 + 3 recaptured), Common Yellowthroat (8 + 2 recaptured), Northern Waterthrush (5 + 1 recaptured), Red-eyed Vireo (4).

Birding summary: A fairly quiet day, but not without its moments. An afternoon-focused raptor flight included another 169 Osprey and 48 Peregrines while the Seawatch recorded its first 1000+ Laughing Gull day, another Humpback Whale, and an early Black-legged Kittiwake that dropped onto the ocean near the 8th Street jetty. A Nelson’s Sparrow was noted along the path at the Wetlands Institute, and Common Gallinules were viewed at both Bunker and Lighthouse ponds within Cape May Pt. State Park.

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