Trail Guides

Come and explore one of the most unique habitats on earth: an urban wilderness. It is a place where humans and wildlife have learned to co-exist and flourish. Admire the New York City Skyline while watching Peregrine Falcons hunt for prey. Experience hundreds of shorebirds feeding on mudflats. Launch your canoe or kayak into the marshes and witness firsthand this lush estuary and its wildlife. Or walk the trails and observe the astounding variety of flora and fauna, all of which exists within 32 square miles in one of the most populated areas in the country.

1::Richard W. DeKorte Park
2::Kearny Marsh
3::Laurel Hill County Park & Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area
4::Mill Creek Enhancement Sites
5::Schmidts Woods Park
6::Losen Slote Creek Park
7::Skeetkill Marsh