Trail Guides

This trail may sound simple in concept, but the deep, swampy woodlands and unspoiled brackish wetlands of Gloucester County are some of the finest you’ll find in Southern New Jersey. Get tips on recent sightings and program information from the nature center at Scotland Run Park before striking out into the big woods of Glassboro Wildlife Management Area, famed for uncommon breeding songbirds. Next, cruise through farm country and explore Elephant Swamp, Stewart Park, and Lake Narraticon, keeping an eye on the sky for raptors and an ear to the ground for frogs. As you continue North, scan for rare shorebirds and waterfowl in the expansive marshes surrounding Raccoon, Birch, and Oldmans Creeks. This trail ends with excellent vistas over a wide swath of the Delaware River from Floodgates Road and Riverwinds Park.

1::Scotland Run Park
2::Glassboro Wildlife Management Area
3::Elephant Swamp Nature Trail
4::Stewart Memorial Park and Harrisonville Lake Wildlife Management Area
5::Lake Narraticon Park
6::Raccoon Creek Wildlife Management Area
7::Raccoon, Birch and Oldman's Creek Marshes
8::Floodgates Road and Riverfront Park
9::Greenwich Lake Park
10::West Deptford Scenic Trail
11::Riverwinds Park