Trail Guides

Breathtaking old-growth trees and abundant native wildlife define the rich woodlands of the Delaware River corridor. Experience the riverfront from three expansive natural areas, beginning with the impressive interpretive center and helpful staff at Palmyra Cove Nature Park, and continuing to the more rustic Taylor’s Wildlife Refuge and Amico Island Park. All three of these sites are well- known hotspots during spring and fall bird migration. After visiting the inviting Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area and scanning Strawbridge Lake, you’ll head toward the uniquely developed Medford Lakes area, where Inner Coastal Plains and Pine Barrens habitat meet. Enjoy awesome live animal displays at Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge before your journey ends with the echoes treefrogs in the remote pockets of the Wurst Preserve.

1::Palmyra Cove Nature Park
2::Taylor Wildlife Preserve
3::Amico Island Park
4::Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area
5::Strawbridge Lake Park – Stop & Scan
6::Medford Wildlife Management Area
7::Medford Park
8::Bear Swamp at Red Lion Preserve
9::Piper's Corner Preserve
10::Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge
11::Melvin and Miriam Wurst Preserve