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Trappers will tell you the river otter is one of the most ferocious mammals you’ll ever encounter. However, when observed from a distance, these shy aquatic critters are really quite loveable and fascinating. This trail brings you to several places where otters are known to occur, as well as a great variety of other wildlife. Begin at two top-notch riverside birding destinations, Red Bank Battlefield Park and Wheelabrator Wildlife Refuge, and then weave down the Big Timber Creek corridor, hitting four beautiful streamside sites along the way. Next, enjoy the wooded streets of Wenonah where trails explore Mantua Creek, and then bounce through a series of scenic lakeside parks, ending at Frank Donio and New Brooklyn Parks in Sicklerville, two sites that are good for surprise inland shorebirds and waterfowl.

1::Red Bank Battlefield Park
2::Wheelabrator Wildlife Refuge
3::Andaloro Wildlife Management Area
4::Timber Creek Park
5::Old Pine Farm Greenway
6::Big Timber Creek Park
7::Wenonah Conservation Area
8::Chestnut Branch Park
9::Ceres Park Nature Preserve
10::Alcyon Lake Park
11::James G. Atkinson Memorial Park
12::Washington Lake Park
13::Frank Donio Memorial Park
14::New Brooklyn Park