Trail Guides

Digging deeper into the Southern Gloucester and Camden Counties, visitors will find rich stretches of forest transitioning from inner coastal plains to Pine Barrens ecosystems, with inviting freshwater lakes scattered throughout the landscape. The first stop on this trail is Scotland Run Park, featuring 80-acre Wilson Lake, a prime location for fishing and paddling, and many family-friendly facilities. Next up is Malaga Lake, locally known for good bass fishing, and also an excellent place to hear tree frogs at dusk. After exploring remote trails in two expansive Wildlife Management Areas and the Maple Island section of Wharton State Forest, you’ll return to “civilization” and even more hidden lakes, ending in the charming town of Gibbsboro with a relaxing stroll around Silver Lake in the company of the resident ducks and gulls.

1::Scotland Run Park
2::Malaga Lake Park
3::White Oak Branch Wildlife Management Area
4::Piney Hollow Preservation Area
5::Winslow Wildlife Management Area
6::Penny Pot Preserve
7::Marilyn Beard Trailhead Park
8::Penbryn Lake Wildlife Management Area
9::Berlin Park
10::Lake Worth - Stop & Scan
11::Rowands Pond Wildlife Management Area
12::Silver Lake - Stop & Scan