Trail Guides

The Barrier Island Trail features various natural areas nestled along the famous New Jersey Shore. Although this area is highly developed, nature perseveres right alongside commercial and residential sites thanks to the preservation of both large and small tracts of dune and wetland habitats. Since this loop traverses some of the most popular summer resorts, it is advisable to visit either during the off season (October through May) or to plan on using the Garden State Parkway as an alternate route to the sites. Of course, there is always the option to visit some of the local shops and restuarants.

1::Cape May National Wildlife Refuge - Two Mile Beach Unit
2::Hereford Inlet Lighthouse and Gardens
3::Nummy Island
4::Stone Harbor Point
5::The Wetlands Institute
6::Armacost Park and Playground
7::48th Street Dune Walk
8::Avalon Seawatch
9::Corsons Inlet State Park
10::Stainton Wildlife Refuge