Out On The Trails
Respect Your Outdoor Resources

Promote the Welfare of Wildlife and the Environment

  1. Never disturb a nest or den.
  2. Stay on roads, trails and pathways to minimize habitat disturbance.
  3. Do not feed, bait or use recorded calls or mechanisms to attract wildlife.
  4. Do not interfere with the animals being observed.
  5. Observe animals from a distance and use your binoculars or spotting scopes to get a closer look.
  6. Practice "leave no trace" principles:
    1. Plan ahead and prepare
    2. Carry out what you carry in; dispose of waste properly
    3. Leave what you find; minimize your impact
    4. Respect wildlife and plant life
    5. Be considerate of other visitors
  7. Do not enter private property without permission.
  8. Follow all laws governing the use of roads and public area
  9. Respect the space of other observers and wait for your turn to view animals.
  10. Share your experiences; your enthusiasm may inspire others!