Trail Guides
How to Use the Online Guides

Our online guides are designed to provide a visitor with trip-planning essentials in an easy-to-use format.  Here we will introduce you to the online features of the guides. 

Features of the Online Guides:

Interactive Maps - On the main Trails page of each guide, there is a map depicting all of the trails in that guide.  Click on the trail name on the map or the trail link provided to go the the main page of that specific trail.  You will now see a map with just the one trail on it, with numbered links to each site on that trail.  Again, click on the site number on the map or the site link below the map to be brought to the detailed information page of that individual site. 

Site Pages Information 

  • Site Name & Contact Information - for pre-trip planning and to report unusual conditions, such as a fallen tree blocking an access road.
  • Site to Site Directions & Direction Icons - specific directions that will take you from site to site within a trail .  For the first site on a trail - directions from the nearest highway are given.  The icons listed below the directions indicate the types of businesses that visitors will encounter along the route.
  • Access & Parking - provides parking information, along with hours of operation and any potential safety concerns to address
  • Nearest Public Transportation - we have done our best to include public transportation information if it occurs within one mile of the site.
  • "Don't Miss", "Closer Look" & "Special Features" - look for these features to maximize your experience at that site
  • Throughout the Seasons - wildlife changes with the seasons and these brief overviews focus on the more common reliable species.  We also offer suggestions as to how to best enjoy your experience at different times of the year and in differnt types of weather.  The season are defined as follows:
      • Winter = December, January, February
      • Spring = March, April, May
      • Summer = June, July, August
      • Fall = September, October, November
  • Stop & Scan Icon - some of the smaller sites may be scanned for wildlife in a half hour or less
  • Site Icons - below are the icons that tell visitors what kinds of amenities and activites are available at each site and along each route






















Photos by Tony Geiger