Local Businesses
  • How to Attract Visitors
How to Attract Visitors

Let Your Customers Know That Your Business:

  • Uses recycled paper products
  • Does not use Styrofoam™, and other non-recyclable products
  • Recycles paper, plastic, glass and cans
  • Uses non-toxic cleaning products
  • Hires locally, buys locally and supports like-minded local businesses
  • Uses energy and water saving appliances and devices
  • Practices bulk purchasing to reduce packaging costs
  • Donates unused products to local charities

If you have native and/or wildlife-friendly plants in or around your business, identify them with signs and information.

Keep a list of wildlife seen on or around your place of business and share it with your customers.

Educate yourself about near-by wildlife viewing locations and encourage your customers to visit them.

Be an active sponsor of Festivals and Events that bring nature-based tourism to your area.

Advertise in publications used by nature-based tourists.

Display the work of local wildlife artists and photographers.

Display brochures and publications developed by neighboring organizations, such as State and County Parks, environmental education centers and New Jersey Audubon centers.

Tell your elected and appointed representatives nature-based tourism is important for your business.