Trail Guides

While there are no guarantees in wildlife viewing, seeing a wild Bald Eagle along this route is virtually certain. The trail begins in downtown Bridgeton, where the City Park boasts a great variety of scenic spots, and a terrific small zoo. From there, a large loop will take you to a number of bayshore marshes, which are primary fishing habitats for Bald Eagles, Osprey and several other birds. Returning to Bridgeton is the only way to travel back south over the Cohansey River to reach other feeding, nesting and roosting areas for our National Emblem. There is much more wildlife to see, but if you gotta see an eagle, this is the place to be.

1::Bridgeton City Park/Cohanzick Zoo/Sunset Lake
2::Stow Creek Landing/Stow Creek State Park
3::Stathems Neck Road Parking Area - Bayside Tract Preservation Site
4::Wheaton Island Road Boat Launch/Bayside Tract Preservation Site
5::Bayside Road Boat Launch/Caviar Tower Road Dock Site - Bayside Tract Preservation Site
6::Green Swamp Area Cohansey River Watershed Restoration Site
7::Dix Wildlife Management Area
8::Cedar Lake
9::Nantuxent Wildlife Management Area
10::Millville (Bevans) Wildlife Management Area