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Abbotts Meadow Wildlife Management Area

Abbotts Farm Road, Elsinboro, NJ
Phone: (609) 984-0547

OWNER:  NJ Department of Environmental Protection

DIRECTIONS:  Go back down Money Island Rd. out to Fort Elfsborg Rd. Turn Right onto CR 624/Fort Elfsborg Rd. Travel 1 mile and turn Right onto Abbotts Farm Rd. Follow this road to the end, and there is a parking area on your Left, right before the Dead End signs.   Map
ACCESS AND PARKING:  Open daily from dawn to dusk. Parking available on site.

Male Red-winged Blackbird
Male Red-winged BlackbirdKevin Karlson
SITE DESCRIPTION:  Abbotts Meadow is a hotspot for viewing grassland and early successional birds. The farm fields, marsh edge and meadows and the hedgerows that separate them provide a perfect habitat for a variety of species. Baltimore and Orchard Oriole are often seen darting through the hedgerows, along with Northern Cardinal and Field Sparrow. Winter brings waterfowl and wading birds to the marsh, and lingering raptors such as Northern Harrier can sometimes be spotted here. Osprey are common during late spring and summer, while Bald Eagles are more often seen during the colder months. Wildlife watchers who visit the site hoping to see mammals will not be disappointed as groundhogs are commonly seen scurrying along the road and fields of the WMA. Muskrat “dens” are found throughout the marsh and their inhabitants are occasionally spotted nearby.

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