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Maple Avenue Impoundments

Maple Avenue, Dividing Creek, NJ
Phone: (856) 447-3100

OWNER:  Downe Township

DIRECTIONS:  Turn around in the parking area and drive back down the road. Follow Turkey Point Rd. out to Maple Ave. Pull off on the side of the road before crossing the impoundments (ie. when there are large bodies of water on both sides of the road).   Map
ACCESS AND PARKING:  Open daily from dawn to dusk. Parking available along the road.

Purple Martin
Purple MartinKevin Karlson
SITE DESCRIPTION:  Rafts of waterfowl attract many raptors in winter. Clouds of shorebirds arrive in the spring. Maple Ave. bisects an impoundment area that features mudflats on one side and open water on the other side. This unique setting enables the viewer to encounter a great diversity of bird and other animal life.

DON'T MISS:  scanning the snags along the water’s edge for the Bald Eagle and Red-tailed Hawk that winter and nest in the area. Also, scrutinize the many Mute Swan. There may be a few Tundra Swan among them.

Winter:  Winter presents the best opportunity to view the many species of diving ducks as well as Tundra Swan. Canvasback are a rare treat. These species in turn attract many Bald Eagles and other raptors including the occasional Golden Eagle.
Spring:  Spring heralds the arrival of vast flocks of migrating shorebirds. Be sure to check a tide chart and time your visit with low tide which offers the best viewing opportunities.
Summer:  Summer may be the least desirable time to visit Maple Avenue Impoundments owing to the profusion of biting insects. Despite this, many people fish and crab here.
Fall:  Fall heralds the return of migrating and wintering shorebirds, waterfowl and raptors.

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