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Cape May County Park North - Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary

1099 Route 9 South, Palermo, NJ
Phone: (609) 390-8773

DIRECTIONS:  Turn Left out of the Park and Zoo entrance onto Route 9 North. Travel north 12.5 miles through five traffic lights. The entrance to the park is on the Right, 0.2 miles after you pass Butter Rd. on the left.   Map
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ACCESS AND PARKING:  Open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. On site parking available.

SPECIAL FEATURES:  By following the main path straight to the end, you will reach the original Cameron house, circa 1930, now used as the park office and for small displays.

SITE DESCRIPTION:  The Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary is a wonderful place that appeals to both avid wildlife watchers and families. Although relatively small, the park encompasses a variety of habitats including deciduous woodland, lakes and wetlands, crossed by easy, dirt and paved walking trails. White-tailed deer wander throughout the park. You can have close encounters with a variety of wildlife. Egrets roost over the lakes, and warblers and kinglets flit through the pine trees at the water’s edge. The ease of nature viewing makes any time spent at Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary time well spent.

DON'T MISS:  Keep your eye out for a glimpse of the white-tailed deer herd that lives within the park’s boundaries.

Winter:  The lakes at the Sanctuary are home to some wintering waterfowl. Canada Geese are plentiful during this time of year. Because of the lack of foliage, the deer are easier to spot among the trees. Stand still and you may have a great look at them.
Spring:  The trees near the lakes provide a welcoming resting spot for migratory songbirds. Your visit may coincide with visits by warblers, kinglets and other migrants. Trees are blooming and leaves are forming, providing food for the animals and scenic beauty for us.
Summer:  As is true throughout the region, the Sanctuary can be very “buggy”, unless there is a strong breeze. Take precautions and use insect repellent so you can enjoy the greenery of the trees and shrubs, and be sure to look for turtles basking along the lake edge.
Fall:  Fall is a good season to visit the Sanctuary as migrating birds are once again passing through. Wood Duck on the lake are favorites with their showy heads and bright colors, and the trees turn into colors of orange and gold, displaying their beautiful fall foliage.

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