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Norburys Landing

End of Millman Blvd, Green Creek, NJ
Phone: (609) 465-8732

OWNER:  Middle Township

DIRECTIONS:  Turn Right onto Route 47 South. Travel 33⁄4 miles and turn Right at the light onto CR 603/Bayshore Rd. Travel for 1 mile to a yellow blinking light where Bayshore Rd. bears left. Continue straight onto Millman Blvd. for 1⁄2 mile to its end at the Delaware Bay.   Map
ACCESS AND PARKING:  Viewing area is open daily, all hours. Small parking area on site, and parking available along the street.

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Glossy IbisKevin Karlson
SITE DESCRIPTION:  Norbury’s Landing is an overlook with panoramic vistas of the Delaware Bay. It offers unobstructed views far down the beach in both directions and is a good place to scan the bay. It is also a great place to watch the sun set over the bay while watching for bottlenose dolphins. The extensive sand flats that are exposed at low tide are a favorite roosting spot for many birds.

DON'T MISS:  the opportunity to see Red Knot flying in from over the Delaware Bay from mid-May to early June. In most cases, these increasingly rare birds have traveled non-stop for several days in anticipation of the nutrient-rich horseshoe crab eggs that are the perfect energy source for their 10,000 mile migration. Ideally, a Red Knot will double its weight on this stopover in order to reach their nesting grounds in the arctic.

Winter:  Look for a variety of gull species roosting on the beach and sand flats here. Bonaparte’s Gull are regular and sometimes the rare Iceland Gull can be found with a careful search. Loons, scoters and other sea ducks dot the bay.
Spring:  In early spring Red-throated Loon gather here before heading north. Be aware that most Delaware Bayshore beaches are closed to walking during the second half of May to protect migrating shorebirds.
Summer:  This is a great time to look for bottlenose dolphins just offshore. Hope for an off-shore breeze, or you’ll have to protect yourself from the numerous biting flies.
Fall:  Large numbers of sea ducks, especially Surf Scoter and Black Scoter, pass by and sometimes form large rafts out on the bay. Northern Gannet fly offshore and may be observed plunge diving for fish.

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