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Dennis Township Wetland Restoration Site

Stimpsons Island Road, Delmont, NJ
Phone: (888) 627-7437

OWNER:  Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)

DIRECTIONS:  Turn Left (South) out of the TNC parking lot onto Route 47. Travel 0.8 miles, and turn Right onto Stimpson’s Island Rd. Continue down Stimpson’s Island Rd., which ends at the trail head and parking area.   Map
ACCESS AND PARKING:  Open daily from one hour before dawn to one hour after dusk. Small parking area on site.

Yellow-shafted Flicker
Yellow-shafted FlickerKevin Karlson
SITE DESCRIPTION:  The Dennis Township Wetland Restoration site is part of PSEG’s Estuary Enhancement Program, a program contributing to the restoration, enhancement and preservation of wetlands and adjacent upland buffers in the Delaware Estuary to provide expanded habitat and food sources for fish and other aquatic life. At this site, PSEG opened perimeter dikes and excavated channels to restore tidal flow to allow native grasses to re-establish. The restored tidal flow is allowing fish, shellfish and other aquatic life to return. In addition, many other species of animals including birds, shorebirds, turtles, migratory waterfowl, and mammals such as muskrat, fox, raccoon, and otter use the site. The site has canoe/kayak access and a floating observation platform, as well as multiple trails.

Winter:  Northern Harrier can be seen hunting over the marsh during winter, and Bald Eagle, Rough-legged Hawk and Golden Eagle may also be seen overhead.
Spring:  In late spring, you can hear the Clapper Rail calling throughout the marsh. Make sure to go to the top of the observation platform and look over the marsh for returning Osprey.
Summer:  Biting insects are summer visitors. It is recommended that anyone who visits during this time wear insect repellent or a bug shirt for comfort. Brave visitors will be rewarded with views of Clapper Rail and diamondback terrapins in the marsh.
Fall:  Fall is a fantastic time of year to watch the skies overhead for migrating raptors. Also, note the changes in the marsh as the green fades away and fall colors set in.

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