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Riverwinds Park

1000 Riverwinds Drive, Thorofare, NJ
Phone: (856) 251-0990

OWNER:  Township of West Deptford

DIRECTIONS:  From the parking area at West Deptford Scenic Trail, turn Right onto Riverwinds Drive. Proceed for 1.1 miles to Riverwinds Park.

DIRECTIONS FROM NEAREST HIGHWAY:  From I-295, take exit 21 and follow signs for CR 640 West/Delaware Street. After crossing Grove Avenue, CR 640/Delaware Street becomes Riverwinds Drive. Proceed for 1.4 miles to Riverwinds Park.   Map

ACCESS AND PARKING:  Open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm. Ample parking in designated areas around the park.

NEAREST PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION:  New Jersey Transit Bus Lines No. 455 Cherry Hill Mall/Woodbury/Paulsboro stops at Grove Avenue & Delaware Street. Walk 6 blocks on Riverwinds Drive. Walking distance is less than 1 mile.

SPECIAL FEATURES:  Use the parking area near the golf center and scan the nearby retention pond. Migrating ducks use this protected pond as a stopover and surprising species can be spotted there throughout the day. A fence around the pond acts as a blind to allow viewing without detection by the waterfowl.

A CLOSER LOOK:  Wear boots and tread to the river's edge on one of the steep, rustic and short deer trails that descend from the paved trail. These trails give the viewer a good vantage of the riverside wooded areas from beneath the canopy.

SITE DESCRIPTION:  Beyond the numerous popular athletic facilities at this large park, secluded paved walkways are good spots for viewing birds in the riverside shrubs and forested areas along the Delaware River. The trail is mostly elevated making for good vantage points over the shoreline and for viewing birds in the open water. Early in the day is great for viewing grassland birds that visit the expansive athletic fields before crowds arrive. Look for side trails in the tall grass areas at the North end of the park and views of the wetland behind the restaurant.

DON'T MISS:  Early morning views of wildlife along the riverside. The active birdlife is visible in the shrubs and on the open water from the elevated trail.

Winter:  Park in the lot behind the restaurant and view birdlife on the river and over the wetland from inside your car. Ducks from the North, including Common Mergansers, Goldeneye, and Canvasback can be seen on the open water. Wintering grassland birds can also be seen feeding in the shrubbery throughout the day. Great Horned Owls nest in the park beginning in late December, and can sometimes be heard hooting near dusk.
Spring:  Surprisingly numerous and varied mixed flocks of wood warblers such as Chestnut-sided, Magnolia, and Blackpoll Warbler rest and feed in the riverside woods and shrubbery. Nesting species are active and viewable. Raptors, including Bald Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks nest in the area and can be seen hunting the grassy fields and open water.
Summer:  This popular park gets a lot of use in the summer with various activities and events, including a summer concert series (info at http://www.westdeptford.com/rec_sum_concert.shtml). Wildlife viewing is best in the early morning, before the crowds arrive, or by canoe or kayak in the river. Scan for Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, and other wading birds. Check mud and sand banks for river otter and raccoon tracks.
Fall:  Migrating birds from the North stop here as they follow the path of the river. Waterfowl include Canada Goose, Ring-necked Duck, Green-winged Teal and Mallard. Songbird migrants such as Nashville Warbler and American Redstart can be seen feeding early in the day and settling in to roost in the evenings. This piece of habitat amid the urban areas is a favorite.

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