Trail Guides

If one word could accurately sum up the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, that word would have to be wilderness. See why this not-so-barren landscape has long been a favorite subject of authors and scientists by diving headfirst into the Heart of the Pines trail. Orient yourself geographically, and learn about early settlement in the region at Batsto Village, then strike out along scenic highways through the seemingly endless pitch pines. While traversing three impressive State Forests, you’ll rediscover the true meaning of tranquility at Oswego Lake, catch one of the best views of South Jersey from Apple Pie Hill, and explore lost roads leading to forgotten towns around Atsion. To truly absorb the unique habitats and wildlife of this world-class ecosystem, be sure to take advantage of the countless opportunities for camping, fishing and paddling along the way.

1::Wharton State Forest - Batso
2::Amasas Landing
3::Bass River State Forest
4::Wharton State Forest - Harrisville Lake
5::Penn State Forest - Oswego Lake
6::Franklin Parker Preserve
7::Wharton State Forest - Apple Pie Hill
8::Wharton State Forest - Carranza Memorial
9::Wharton State Forest - Atsion