New Jersey enjoys a wide variety of distinct habitats, many of which are the subject of intensive conservation efforts. From highland mountains, to pineland forests, to sandy beaches, to scenic rivers and windswept bayshore marshlands, it is the assortment of natural resources that results in tremendous diversity in the state's wildlife.  In fact, due to its location on the Atlantic Flyway, its relatively small size and undeniable abundance of wildlife, it is New Jersey that boasts the highest density of wildlife per square mile of any state in the nation!  New Jersey, the fourth smallest state, hosts over 325 bird species, 90 mammal species, 79 reptile and amphibian species and over 400 species of fish in its 8,722 square miles.

New Jersey’s Birding & Wildlife Trails program provides information to plan trips for wildlife viewing & enjoying the outdoors.  Driving trails are provided for the South Jersey Bayshore, the Skylands & Pine Barrens regions and the Hackensack River Watershed.  The NJ Birding and Wildlife Trails program is a product of NJ Audubon.

Interested in boating? Why not learn more about NJ Audubon's Birding for Boaters program with links NJ Birding and Wildlife Trails sites that offer boating access.

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