Guide for Hire — A tailor-made service to maximize your Cape May birding experience.

New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory offers a wide range of regularly scheduled walks, programs, workshops and other events for visiting birders. Even so, you might find there’s nothing that quite fits your schedule; or perhaps you are planning a visit with some very specific outings you would like to do.

With this in mind, we are pleased to offer our Guides for Hire program, specially tailored to suit your personal needs, whether for an individual or group. Our guides are hand-picked from the wonderful cadre of top birdwatchers who are lucky enough to call Cape May their home; all have a common thread—a superb knowledge of Cape May’s birds, and a passion to showcase the natural wonders of Cape May to visitors, ensuring your birding experience is the best it can be.

The chart below provides a sampling of the cost to hire a guide for a half-day (4 hours max) or full day (8 hours max), for a variety of group sizes.




Fees Half-Day


Fees Full-Day

1 $ 150.00 $ 250.00
2 $ 200.00 $ 350.00
3 $ 225.00 $ 400.00
4 $ 250.00 $ 450.00
5 $ 275.00 $ 500.00
6 $ 300.00 $ 550.00
7 $ 325.00 $ 600.00
8 $ 350.00 $ 650.00
9 $ 375.00 $ 700.00
10 $ 400.00 $ 750.00


Tour Details: Please contact the Program Registrar to arrange for a tour guide at 609.400.3864 or email [email protected]. Mention preferred tour dates and times and special needs you may have or any special birds you hope to see.

Please note the following: All transportation is the responsibility of the participant(s). Neither New Jersey Audubon nor Cape May Bird Observatory are liable for any guide driving any participant during the course of the trip. Specific guides may be requested, but are subject to availability. Rates may be subject to change. Rates are for 1/2 day (max. four hours) or a full day (max. eight hours). No refunds or allowances for less time used. Details of deposits due, cancellation policy etc. can be obtained by contacting the CMBO Program Registrar.