On May 13th over 80 World Series of Birding teams will mobilize across New Jersey to raise money for bird conservation.   Show your support and love for birds by donating today.

Watch the recorded World Series of Birding Awards Brunch that happened May 14th

Team Registration Is Open

40 Years of Protecting Birds

The World Series of Birding began four decades ago with the purpose of raising awareness for the importance of protecting birds in a fun competitive venue.

What began back in 1983 by a small group of forward thinking birders (Pete Bacinski, Pete Dunne and David Sibley) has evolved into an annual 24 hour competition where upwards of 100 teams compete to count as many bird species as possible while raising awareness and funds to help protect birds.

The event has been featured in leading publications as well as TV media.

What makes this event so much fun is it truly is for anyone, and any age, who wants to support bird conservation.   From the expert birder to someone who just loves wildlife.  You can set up an individual team to raise money and bird from your own backyard.  Or organize a team and head out and look for species in your neighborhood and beyond. 

If you prefer not to compete in the event you can support a team or teams, cheer them on.

The World Series of Birding has raised millions of dollars over the last 40 years and continues to raise the importance of bird conservation for all.

Where it all began - Bacinski, Dunne, Sibley

What’s new this year with the World Series of Birding?


Other than making it easy to set up team pages we now give you the ability to have individual pages of team members.  For example, as a part of your team you can now share a custom landing page you can build that talks about you. For example, why do you bird, why are you competing in the World Series of Birding and you can even have your own fundraising goal.  You can share this unique URL with your contacts to help with your team’s fundraising efforts.  

Get your pages set up.  Our communications team will be looking to promote teams that have complete pages, individual and/or team, so be sure to get them set up – you could be featured in the press and/or media like a team on HBO during last year’s World Series of Birding

Example of an individual page

Raise money for NJ Audubon or your own non-profit.


We are so appreciative of the support from monies raised during the event for NJ Audubon, however, we understand that you might want to raise funds for your own non-profit – you can do that for a nominal fee of $100 per team member.  Some teams have raised up to $15,000 for their non-profit.

Note: Teams raising money for NJ Audubon have no fees.

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Last year’s highlights

World Series of Birding on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Stream the July 2022 episode to watch teams competing in the World Series of Birding.

HBOMax subscription required

Final team results from last year

NJ Audubon’s World Series of Birding Awards – 2022

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