The responsibilities of the Finance Office include a balancing act of managing mission priorities, monetary assets and liabilities, and financial sustainability, achieved by serving three basic functions:

Operational Functions

Conducting day-to-day financial processes, managing grants, contracts and mission-specific programs and activities. Manage the stewardship of all contributions and ensure that they are utilized as directed by the donor. Provide support to NJA members, employees and other stakeholders to achieve organizational goals

Strategic Functions

Conducting financial planning and financial oversight. Develop and maintain systems of internal controls including risk management to safeguard financial assets of the organization

Internal Functions

Report financial results, support annual audit, and submit all required government filings.
In short, the Finance Office is responsible for accurately documenting the financial position of New Jersey Audubon Society and the changes in its net assets, cash flows and functional expenses in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Staff & Personnel

Mark Carmichael
Chief Financial Officer

Bob Schmidt
Financial Analyst and Contract Specialist

Carol Tarnowski
Assistant Controller

Jacob Benson
Staff Accountant

Wendi Bohdan
Finance Associate

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