Birds are some of the most visible animals in our world.  They lead interesting lives, and many undertake awe-inspiring migrations.  More than 45 million people in the U.S. watch birds around their homes and away from home (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 2016).  New Jersey is one of the best states in the country for birdwatching because of our diverse habitats and our location in the Atlantic Flyway, a migratory route along the Eastern Seaboard.

NJ Audubon is your source for learning more about birds from free introductory guided walks through day-long field trips and more intensive workshops to bird-focused festivals to international birding tours.  Our guides range from talented, friendly, expert staff and experienced associate naturalists to internationally recognized authors and professional birders.

Let’s Go Birding


Bird Walks

These walks range from family programs and introductory experiences to more focused bird walks.  Prices range from free to fee-based, depending on length (typically 2-3 hours); some require pre-registration.


Field Trips

Explore a variety of habitats across New Jersey from forests to grasslands to marshes to beaches.  While birds may be the focus, be prepared to learn about what makes New Jersey naturally phenomenal!  Field trips are fee-based, depending on length (typically 4-6 hours) and may require preregistration.

A gorgeous Prairie Warbler © Laura-Marie Koitsch


These fee-based workshops range from single day programs (two – eight hours in length), to multiple day events.  Workshops range in topic from single focus experiences learning about one bird family (i.e. Raptors, Sparrows or Warblers) to Birding by Ear to photography.  They incorporate birding and nature hotspots and are timed to capture the diversity and abundance of birds during the breeding, migratory, and winter seasons.  


Migration Watches

Fall and spring are magical months with all manner of migratory birds, butterflies, dragonflies and bats occupying our airspace and using the diverse habitats in the state.  Staffed watches and migration projects include:  Cape May Hawkwatch, Avalon Seawatch, Cape May Morning Flight, Montclair Hawkwatch, Monarch Monitoring Project and Cape May Springwatch.

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Young Birders

Connect with nature through birds and birdwatching whether it is a weekend birding program at one of our nature centers to a birding summer camp to joining the NJ Audubon Young Birders Club.

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Join us on a variety of birding and natural history tours ranging from relaxed nature getaways to relatively intensive birding adventures. Tours range in length from four-day extended weekends exploring regional specialty locations to longer domestic and international tours requiring air travel.