New Jersey Audubon embraces the notion that learning about the environment and all its facets is best done using an integrative approach that relies heavily on hands-on, experiential learning. Our curricula are place-based and cross-disciplinary and designed to meet the needs of teachers by supporting existing state standards. While strong in science and social studies, lessons utilize math and language skills as well as other areas of study including the arts and technology.

Likewise we also feel strongly that it is essential for children to learn about the place they live. To that end all of our materials are New Jersey-specific and provide not only lessons to teach concepts and skills to students, but appropriate background information for the teacher.

Building Ecological Solutions for Coastal Community Hazards Education Module

A free online curriculum resource that provides teachers of grades 6-12 with instructional options for bringing saltmarsh and coastal problem solving indoors, as well as introducing students to resiliency projects and citizen science monitoring outdoors.

Building Ecological Solutions for Coastal Community Hazards

Our Curricula

To learn more about each of our curricula supplemental resources, click on the title. All but Bridges to the Natural World can be downloaded by lesson or in full.  New Jersey Audubon can provide professional development on any one of these resources – contact our Department of Education for more information.

Bridges to the Natural World

Learn about New Jersey habitats by studying ecological systems and how they function.

Pre-K to Six with extensions to older grades

Fishing for Answers in an Urban Estuary

Ecology, history and environmental issues related to the Newark Bay Complex

Grades 5 to 8 with extensions for older grades

NJ WATERS: Watershed Approach to Teaching the Ecology of Regional Systems

Use the study of watershed to understand the human interface with natural systems.

Grades 7 and up

Songbirds at the Crossroads of Migration

Learning about ecology, conservation, stewardship and environmental issues through the lens of New Jersey’s migratory songbirds.

Grades 7 and up with some extensions for younger grades