This year NJ Audubon is offering FOUR great summer nature camp options to choose from


In Person at one of our four nature centers

In Person with an adult family member at one of our four nature centers

Remote Learning nature camp with certified teacher naturalists

We will come to your existing camp or recreation program


Whatever kind of summer nature camp you are looking for we have got you covered

Scholarships and/or financial aid available. Please contact us at [email protected]

In Person Summer Nature Camp

Join any one of our NJ State-certified nature day camps held at a variety of nature centers across the state. These camps range from ½ day to full day experiences. Each camp will be primarily outdoors with lots of opportunity for discovery, exploration and just plain outside fun!

In Person with your Family Nature Camp

Not going away this summer, consider a “staycation” with a nature focus. Spend a couple of days or a week doing all the things that you did as a child, again, with your child. Our staff picks the best of the best summer camp activities for the whole family to get involved in!

Program Locations and Dates

Franklin Lakes

Family Quest Experience at Lorrimer Sanctuary


Family Fun Week at Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary

Virtual Nature Camp – Nature…At Your Own Pace…in Your Own Space

Can’t get to one of our NJ Audubon centers? Join our camp staff for a week of home exploration, complete with activities from our Bridges to the Natural World Nature Quests, live interaction via video with our naturalists twice a week, games and challenges to connect with kids all over the state.

Choose One or All Four Quests

Amazing Animals

New Jersey is home to so.many.animals! And many of these can be seen right in your own yards or local parks. Migrate with the birds, meet our education animals, Captain Jack and Ginger, make your own jumping frog, create your own fish and learn about common mammals in the neighborhood.

Crazy Crawling Critters

You don’t have to travel far to find cool crawlers! Don’t squish that bug, instead let’s look a little closer. Whether exploring your yard and neighborhood, rolling a log, shaking a branch, or wading into wetlands there are fascinating critters ready to be discovered. We’ll also have a chance to meet a “living fossil”.

Water Wonders

Go with the flow! Explore how water travels through winding rivers and streams and acts like sponge. Visit the beach to discover who lives in salt water. Play in puddles and find out “who” may visit. See how animals live in their watery world and have a frog concert.

Outdoor Adventures

There are many ways to enjoy nature. Let’s learn how to be responsible as we explore. Learn how to build a shelter and set a trail. Learn where you may find fish and how to catch them with homemade tools! Use the sun to tell time and cook treats! Make art and play games with your shadow! Experiment with the sun to make a plant dance!

Let Us Come to You

We will come to your existing camp or recreation program. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team offers a variety of science and nature-based topics and are flexible to meet the unique needs of your program. Contact us at [email protected]

• On-site visits from knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff
• Variety of science and nature-based topics
• Flexibility to meet the unique needs of your programs
• Tuition support available for qualifying programs!