Lorrimer Summer Camp by Alex MacDonald

With all of the summer camp options out there, it’s a struggle for some parents to choose the right option. Informative yet exciting camps with movement and outdoor activities are hard to come by. If you’re thinking about signing your child up for (camp) then why not read about what a day looks like, from a camper!

Camp will usually start around 9 and end at 1. This means you have time to relax while your children are having fun and moving around outside! At the beginning of camp, most of the kids would wait in the parking lot while the counselor takes attendance. Camp will usually start once all of the campers arrive, but if it becomes too late and someone still isn’t present the camp usually begins.

The camp will begin with a small hike in a gorgeous and scenic hiking trail with water stops and sightseeing. After a small walk, the campers will take a break to look for many different animals! One day, they stopped at a creek and mini waterfall to catch frogs, crawfish, and salamanders. The Lorrimor Sanctuary will provide your child with a net to catch the animals, and the counselors are trained to teach the children how to handle them properly. Many children will learn how to properly catch the animal, handle it properly without hurting it, learn some interesting facts about the animal, and then release it again. No animals are hurt by the nets or being handled with the counselors there to supervise, and the children most likely won’t be handling a 30 foot constrictor so it’s pretty safe.

Learning about holding an animal is not all, during camp many interesting facts can be learned. For example, the kids will learn how to tell the difference between a male and female frog, or a different species. Learning about the diversity in our local woods keeps them engaged and having fun while teaching them facts and respect. They learn how to be kind to animals while still learning and studying them. Many times, the day consisted of both amphibians and plants. During my time at camp, I learned how to identify poison ivy and invasive species as well as many different animal tracks and species!

Around the middle of camp is usually when the campers will stop for a small snack break to refuel and rehydrate. This gives your child time to socialize and explore new surroundings while being supervised. Many memories and new friendships begin in camp, and stay around for a while! In some cases, your child will be in the water or swimming around so be sure to bring a towel and pack one for your camper on the days your counselor warns you about any swimming!

While still learning even more about the nature that surrounds them and how animals balance in an ecosystem, the camp will usually begin drawing to a close.
Depending on the trail, around ⅔ in the kids will begin hiking back to be picked up by the parents and finish up with attendance or finish the loop to the parking lot. At this time, parents are expected to pick up their kids and sign out on the attendance sheet and the campers to return their nets and finish up!

Expect a tired but happy camper after pick up. A long day of learning new things, exploring their environment, hiking, and having tons of fun will most likely result in a nap and a snack, maybe two!

Written by
Alex MacDonald