The Raven LunaChicks World Series of Birding Team Highlight

The Raven LunaChicks

The Raven LunaChicks is an all-women World Series of Birding team competing at the full state level. Linda, Debbie, Patty, and Lori scour the state for 24-hours, from the northwest corner to the tip of Cape May, looking for owls, rails, raptors, ducks, peeps, warblers, everything and anything that flies across New Jersey during the peak of spring migration. The Raven LunaChicks laugh loudly, curse boldly, scarf endless snacks, get delirious with sleep deprivation, and jog behind the ever-running, amazing youth teams, all the while raising money for the DVOC. But they wouldn’t miss it for anything. They’re looking forward to another great World Series of Birding in 2024!