New Jersey Audubon’s BioBlitz 2024

Nature is Waiting Outside Your Door: Go Explore, Collect Data and Participate in Our Fourth Annual Statewide BioBlitz!

21st – 26th


Participate in a community science extravaganza no matter where you are in the state of New Jersey. Photograph plants and animals in your neighborhood using the free iNaturalist app (info below). Interact with New Jersey Audubon staff through daily challenges, friendly competition and learning opportunities.

New Jersey Audubon’s BioBlitz 2024 encourages you to get outdoors where and when you can during the week.

iNaturalist is a crowd-sourced online application, so if you don’t know what the plant or animal is, no worries, someone else will! Just take a photo, upload it to the site and join hundreds of people learning together about all the amazing plants and animals there are in New Jersey.

Thank You to our Education Partner for Their Continued Support

May 11th is one of the biggest bird competitions on the planet – our 41st annual World Series of Birding 

Don’t forget to join our Cape May Spring Festival which is one week after the World Series of Birding

Your Daily Challenges April 21st – 26th

While we encourage you to submit observations of ALL plants and animals you observe, each day will highlight certain classifications of wildlife. A “winner” of each daily challenge will be acknowledged.

Challenge: Submit an observation of an animal with gills.

Challenge: Submit an observation of animal scat or tracks.

Challenge: Submit an observation of a reptile or amphibian.

Challenge: Submit an observation of a native plant that benefits pollinators.

Challenge: Submit an observation of an organism living on or in a tree.

Challenge: Submit an observation of a scavenger.

How To Get Started

First: Register With Us For Free

Where to Participate


Participate from your apartment window or balcony, step outside into your yard or neighborhood, walk to a local park (if open) or visit a New Jersey Audubon center or sanctuary (check ahead to make sure trails are open).

How to Participate

Wood Frog - Chris Neff

Download iNaturalist on your smartphone and create an account. If you do not have a smartphone, you can submit observations on the

Once you are registered with iNaturalist join our project by searching for “New Jersey Audubon’s BioBlitz 2024”. Check the project page throughout the week for daily challenges and updates!

Gardening For Wildlife

Dale's Garden

While you are looking at the variety of plants and animals in your space, consider making that space more inviting for wildlife by providing food, water, cover and places to raise young while utilizing sustainable wildlife-friendly gardening practices.

Helpful Links


Visit the following sites to learn how to use iNaturalist and learn more about the New Jersey Audubon Earth Week BioBlitz project.

How To Use iNaturalist

Support Us

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Please consider making a donation to New Jersey Audubon to support our collective efforts to connect people with nature and steward the nature of today for the people of tomorrow.