Close to Route 1 in Linden, in an industrial area with strip malls, a police firing range, and a filled in landfill you’ll find a hidden treasure. In one of the last places you’d think to find an ecological preserve, is Hawk Rise Sanctuary! Hawk Rise was opened in 2012. The flat trails inside are about 1.5 miles long, and the sanctuary spans 95 acres.

At the entrance to Hawk Rise is information for visitors including animal and plant species to look for, as well as any upcoming programs. There’s a Porta-Potty but no other facilities at the location so plan accordingly! At the start of the nature sanctuary you have options on which way to go, and throughout the park there are other forks in the trails – choose wisely but be sure to go back and see what you missed.


Sunrise to Sunset

Hawk Rise Sanctuary is a property of the City of Linden.

If you have questions or concerns, please use the following contacts:

In case of EMERGENCY dial 9-1-1

To report a police non-emergency event please call:
Linden Police Non-Emergency Line
(908) 474-8500

To report a maintenance issue or concern with the trails, signs or other park facilities call:
Linden Public Property & Community Services
(908) 474-8600

To report a problem with the landfill itself call:
Linden Engineering
(908) 474-8470

Center upcoming events

Things To Do

  • Walking / Hiking Trails
  • Nature Study