This conceptual landscape centers on the spaces where we work and live, at the intersection of the built and natural environment.  Within this conceptual landscape, we place special emphasis on softening the boundaries, creating room for nature and wildlife habitat to thrive in proximity to people.  New Jersey Audubon’s intent is to provide opportunities for people to interact with neighborhood natural systems through respectful dialogue and experiential learning while educating the people of today for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Focal Programs:

  • Nature for All People

New Jersey Audubon recognizes that “nature” is not a destination and it is every individual’s right to have safe access to places where nature can be enjoyed whether it is tending a container garden with native plants, enjoying time at a park or nature sanctuary, participating in an organized nature program or festival or supporting your rights to have access to community green spaces.

  • Suburban and Urban Ecosystems

Most of New Jersey’s population resides in urban and suburban ecosystems.  New Jersey Audubon champions conservation at scale to meet the needs of our communities.  Gardening for wildlife – in small or large spaces for pollinators and people, protecting migrating birds and butterflies from hazards and monitoring their population numbers, and connecting New Jersey’s green spaces through habitat corridors all create more livable and enjoyable neighborhoods and communities while providing quality spaces for plants and animals.

  • Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Amid pressures from environmental problems and the looming effects of climate change as well as the disconnect that many people – especially children – have from nature, New Jersey Audubon is committed working side-by-side with all people to support the next generation of New Jersey’s conservationists, scientists, entrepreneurs and educators.  We engage school administrators, teachers, parents, youth-serving agencies/organizations and others to ensure that young people have the capacity and agency to be mindful and engaged community members.