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Kirsten Holt
Kirsten Holt
Anne Price
Anne Price
Stephanie Punnett
Stephanie Punnett
Brendan Schaffer
Brendan Schaffer
Dorothy Smullen
Dorothy Smullen
Kelly Wenzel
Kelly Wenzel
Emily Wilmoth
Emily Wilmoth

Kirsten Holt
Sanctuary Director
Lorrimer Nature Sanctuary

Kirsten has 10+ years of environmental education experience in New Jersey, with two years of formal education mixed in. Kirsten is an avid outdoors-woman who is often found hiking, paddling, climbing trees, following fireflies and sharing her passions with friends and family. She looks forward to inspiring environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among others.

Maple Sugaring – ‘How To’ – Part 1

Maple Sugaring ‘How To’ – Part 2

Diversity within a Deer Exclosure

Early Spring Blooms

Get Outside! (A Virtual Tour at Lorrimer Sanctuary)

Anne Price
Plainsboro Preserve

Anne earned her B.S. at Cook College, Rutgers University in Natural Resources Management and Applied Ecology. She has dedicated her life to teaching people of all ages to appreciate nature. Since 1987, Anne has taught environmental education in New Jersey with a wide range of topics varying from wildlife habitats to wilderness survival.

Critter Talk with Miss Anne: Hummingbirds

Critter Talk with Miss Anne: Monarch Butterflies

Critter Talk with Miss Anne: Raccoons

Critter Talk with Miss Anne: Groundhogs 

Critter Talk with Miss Anne: Pileated Woodpeckers

Beavers at the Plainsboro Preserve

Rolling Log Craft

American Robin

Dispersal Challenge

Grass Seed Dispersal

Dogbane Seeds

Scavenger Hunt

Stephanie Punnett
Program Director
Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary

Stephanie holds a B.S. in Forest Biology with minors in Botany and Entomology from S.U.N.Y. College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  She has been with NJ Audubon since 2010, and in environmental education since 2001.  As Program Director she oversees, plans, develops, and conducts program for all ages. Her favorite is sharing the wonders of nature with everyone.

Drawing A Feather

Painted Turtles

Wood Frog

Whose Feather?

Finding Feathers

Vernal Pond

Dorothy Smullen
Teacher Naturalist

Dorothy is a retired high school science teacher with a Masters in Biology from Brooklyn College. She has been with New Jersey Audubon since 2006 as a teacher/naturalist. Her favorite nature topics are birds, fungi, lichens, wildflowers and dragonflies…and she loves to share that love with others. Dorothy received the Gary Lincoff Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology in 2016 from the North American Mycological Association.

What’s in Bloom – Wild Columbine

What’s In Bloom – Common Blue Violet

Tufted Titmouse Drawing

Flower Structure

What’s in Bloom – Spring Beauty

What’s in Bloom – Bloodroot

What’s in Bloom – Trout Lily

What’s in Bloom on the trail…..

Captain Jack

Lichen and Birds

Brendan Schaffer
Teacher Naturalist
Nature Center of Cape May

Also known as “Mr. B”, Brendan coordinates and runs the educational programming, from children’s summer nature camps to adult classes. When Mr. B is not coming up with fun, unique ways to enjoy nature, he can be found making art, specializing in ephemeral eco-art and projects inspired by the natural world!

Make a Snake Planter out of old tires

Brendan’s Magical Garden

House Sparrow Drawing

Turtle Watching

Bird feeder from a pine cone


Make a Nature Notebook

Kristin T. Hock
Habitat Outreach Coordinator

A Rainy Day at Scudder Preserve

How to Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat®

Scott Barnes
All Things Birds Program Director
Assistant Director, Eco-Travel

Scott Barnes talks about birding

Scott Barnes birding

Kelly Wenzel
Project Director
Urban Education and Outreach

She holds a B.S. in Environmental Policy with minors in Meteorology and Human Ecology and a Master of City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University. Kelly also holds NJ Teaching Certification in K-12 Earth Science. Kelly sits on the Board of Trustees of the ECO Charter School, Camden and is the Board Secretary for the Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education.

Tapping Nature’s Nutrients

Tapping Nature’s Nutrients – Part 2

Water Chemistry Field Trip


Seed Balls


Living or Non-Living

Emily Wilmoth
Environmental Educator

Emily is part of NJ Audubon’s statewide education team, providing environmental education to folks of all ages and backgrounds with a focus on the Eco-Schools program. She has a B.A. in Conservation Biology and a M.Ed. in Environmental Education. She loves to be active outdoors, always on the lookout for birds, bugs and hidden treasures. Emily is also a certified yoga teacher

Neighborhood Birds: Carolina Chickadee

Neighborhood Birds: Northern Cardinal

Turkey Vulture

Windows on the World

European Starling

Mourning Dove

Northern Mockingbird

Water Strider

DIY Rain Gauge

Dynamic Watershed

Get A Sense Of Your Soil

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Sampling