Kristin Meistrell
Stewardship Project Director – South

Saving a Turtle, Protecting an Aquifer

Prescribed Burn

Early Bloomers

Early Blooming Invaders

Spotted Turtle

Lindsay Gafford
Stewardship Department Specialist

A Spring Moment

John Parke
Stewardship Project Director – North Region

Flippin’ Logs – Porcupine

Flippin’ Logs

Brittany Dobrzynski
Stewardship Project Coordinator – South

Brittany  works with private and public landowners to manage and maintain wildlife habitat through agricultural best management practices, invasive species management, and native plant restoration projects. She partners as a Conservation Planner with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to consult with agricultural producers to protect soil and water resources on working lands. Brittany oversees New Jersey Audubon’s Healthy Land and Waters Grant which provides financial assistance and planning for habitat enhancement projects throughout the Delaware River Watershed.

Brittany Talks Native Shrubs

Steven Garcia
Stewardship and Land Management

How to use iNaturalist

The Effects of Invasive Species