Atlantic White Cedar

Conserving Atlantic White-Cedar Forested Wetlands Through Active Forest Management and Restoration

Atlantic white-cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides) (AWC) wetlands represent a globally rare plant community, and one of ecological, economic, and cultural significance. In the state of New Jersey, this pant community has experienced severe decline, falling from an estimated 115,000 acres pre-European settlement to around 25,000 acres remaining in the state (NJFAP,…...

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All Hands on Deck to Save and Restore NJ’s Atlantic White Cedar Ecosystems

Atlantic White Cedar (AWC) is a pioneer species with typical longevity of 200 to 300 years. However, in New Jersey AWC is only found in six counties and has lost about two-thirds of its acreage since the state began to be settled. Currently, there is only about 40,000 acres of…...

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