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Conserving Atlantic White-Cedar Forested Wetlands Through Active Forest Management and Restoration

Atlantic white-cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides) (AWC) wetlands represent a globally rare plant community, and one of ecological, economic, and cultural significance. In the state of New Jersey, this pant community has experienced severe decline, falling from an estimated 115,000 acres pre-European settlement to around 25,000 acres remaining in the state (NJFAP,…...

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What Does “Old What Does “Old-Growth” Really Mean? It depends. Example 3, Bear Swamp (Installment 5 of 6)

In southwestern NJ, along the Delaware Bay, Davis (1993) described two areas of possible old-growth broadleaf swamp forests. According to Davis, Bear Swamp West is 100 acres of possible old growth forest containing some 400 to 500-year-old black gum, 300-year-old sweetgum, large red maples, and large sweetbay magnolia trees (of unknown…...

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The 2020 Women in Conservation Leadership Summit: An Intentional Shift to Racial Equity & Justice

By Rita Yelda, Outreach & Communications Manager, Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed Despite COVID-19 preventing an in-person Women in Conservation Leadership Summit this year, the National Wildlife Federation’s team worked to find innovative ways to learn, connect, and make the event a rich and powerful experience. The shift to…...

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