Hudson Farm

Do You Femelschlag?

The NJA Stewardship Department World Series of Birding team, The Fight’n Femelschlagers, had a great day out in North Jersey racking up 96 different species of birds during the event!  Bald Eagle, Bobolink, Indigo Bunting, Cerulean Warbler, Broad-wing Hawk, Scarlet Tanager, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker were just some of the species we…...

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Black Duck Project Gives Ecological Uplift in Delaware River Watershed Region

New Jersey Audubon is pleased to announce it has received one of the first Delaware Watershed Conservation Fund grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Specifically, these matching grants are awarded to conserve and restore natural waterways on public and private lands to support migratory and resident wildlife. As…...

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