Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way!

The old saying, “You can’t take it with you,” is only partially true. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! You can take something with you . . . and that is the satisfaction of knowing that you left your possessions behind where they would do the greatest good.

For most people, this includes thoughtful provision for a spouse and children. It may also include charitable bequests to organizations like New Jersey Audubon Society.

When you include New Jersey Audubon Society in your will, you affirm your belief in the Society’s mission of preserving wildlife and natural places for future generations. Such action also encourages those you leave behind to consider how they can also help preserve our natural heritage.

Finally, when you include New Jersey Audubon Society in your will, you tell us at that you want us to continue to fulfill the Society’s mission in this world. You reveal your vision for our future! You encourage us to be good stewards of the planet and help us to foster an environmental awareness and conservation ethic among all!

For more information about wills and bequests click here to download our newest brochure entitled: Your Will and New Jersey Audubon Society. It contains detailed information including types of gifts that can be made through your will and sample language you can use in your will to leave a legacy through New Jersey Audubon Society.

And we would like be honored to thank you personally for your thoughtfulness and generosity. New Jersey Audubon Society has established the Heritage Society to recognize those who have made testamentary gifts through wills and bequests. Call today if you have any questions about your will and the New Jersey Audubon Society.

For Further Information, Contact

Kimberly Armenti
Vice President of Development and Communications