World Series of Birding

Do You Femelschlag?

The NJA Stewardship Department World Series of Birding team, The Fight’n Femelschlagers, had a great day out in North Jersey racking up 96 different species of birds during the event!  Bald Eagle, Bobolink, Indigo Bunting, Cerulean Warbler, Broad-wing Hawk, Scarlet Tanager, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker were just some of the species we…...

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36th World Series of Birding

This weekend marks the 36th World Series of Birding–a 24 hour Easter Egg Hunt for mature eggs of a feathered kind.  Hosted by New Jersey Audubon, played out in New Jersey’s Green Arena.  Over 250 species will be tallied by all participants, a princely sum. As the event’s founder I…...

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Remembering the Great Bacinski – by Pete Dunne

Having just learned about the passing of my long time friend and birding companion, Pete Bacinski. I feel compelled to express my thoughts regarding the passing of this natural history legend.  I first met “The Great Bacinski,” in May, 1977.  Cape May Bird Observatory’s founding director, Bill Clark and I…...

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