Young Forest

What is, and Why, Femelschlag

There is no such thing as a “Shade-Loving” plant, plain and simple. In elementary school we learned about photosynthesis. Remember photosynthesis? The essential process of how plants, (except holoparasitic or semiparasitic plants) make food by an endothermic (‘takes in heat’) chemical process that uses sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into…...

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Conservation Work Continues Even in Uncertain Times

Although the world is a lot different now, what has not changed is the need to conserve and protect our natural resources for a healthier planet.  Donned in facemasks and gloves, New Jersey Audubon Stewardship staff assisted two different landowners in the Musconetcong Watershed with reforestation projects.  Both projects are…...

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A Rough Time for Ruffed Grouse

Recently the NJ Fish and Game Council unanimously voted to close the Ruffed Grouse hunting season, citing extremely low numbers of the bird across the state. While Grouse have been documented as declining precipitously over the last few decades, this is not unique to NJ. Since 1980, eighteen Northeastern, Midwestern,…...

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