Exploring Cumberland – May 10, 2023

Leaders: Mary Watkins, Shaun Bamford, Bernie Hodgdon and Barry Hershfeld Temp: Winds: Weather Conditions: Sunny, dry, cool. Finally, the Barn Swallows are back under the bridge! Maurice River Bridge – 7:30am 16 species Species Count Canada Goose 4 Mallard 2 Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) 3 Mourning Dove 1 Laughing Gull…...

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Hidden Corners of Belleplain – May 9, 2023

Leaders: Shaun Bamford, Mary Watkins, Bernie Hodgdon, Chris Dewaghe, Gerry Dewaghe Temp: Winds: Weather Conditions: warming weather with occasional sunny breaks Lots of birdsong! Highlights include 2 common ravens gathering nesting materials. Good looks at indigo bunting, Prothonotary warbler and great crested flycatcher. 55 species Species Count Mute Swan 1…...

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