Monarch Monitoring

Monarch Monitoring Project – September 20, 2021

We are nearly three weeks into the field season for the Monarch Monitoring Project, and on Sunday (Sept. 19) we started to see the season’s first major influx of monarchs into Cape May Point.  We also conducted our first three tagging demos on Friday through Sunday, with good attendance each…...

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Monarch Quilt Silent Auction

SILENT AUCTION! This handmade quilt with a monarch butterfly motif has been donated to the Cape May Bird Observatory’s Monarch Monitoring Project to help raise funds for the project.  The artist is Dale Watson, an accomplished quilt maker and volunteer with the Project.  The quilt, which measures 64 x 76…...

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Our field season runs from September 1 to October 31, and in some years, we see very few monarchs after about October 20. Big numbers of migrating monarchs arrive to the winter colony sites right around the beginning of November. Since those colonies are 2000 miles away from Cape May,…...

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MONARCH MONITORING PROJECT – Results of the 2020 Census

Perhaps the most important parts of the Cape May Monarch Monitoring Project is the census that we conduct.  Our census is modification of a technique known as a “Pollard Transect,” whereby a specified route is traveled on a regular basis and butterflies counted by the observer while traveling.  Our census…...

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The 2020 Field Season for the Monarch Monitoring Project wrapped up on Saturday, October 31 — our field season runs from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 each year.  We have started to compile the data and will report back to our followers in a few days, but we’ll take a…...

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The last of our originally scheduled educational programs occurred on October 17th. With the continuation of mild weather and presence of good numbers of monarchs around Cape May, we are pleased to offer two extra “bonus” programs this fall. Pre-registration is required, like all of our programs this fall. To…...

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