You Have to Fake it to Make It – the Art of Camouflage

Walking through a field with my Dad at the Flat Brook Wildlife Management Area in Sussex County, I paused to look at a plant that I did not recognize. As I examined the leaves of the plant, I suddenly realized that I too was being examined. A female Ring-necked Pheasant…...

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Community Conservation Catalyst

New Jersey Audubon Partners with Residents of Old Farm Village of Panther Valley & Allamuchy Environmental Commission for Habitat Beautification/Restoration Project With over 9 million people, New Jersey is the Nation’s most densely populated state. However, despite regulation and better planning urban and suburban areas continue to spread out into…...

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A Warbler “WOW” Moment!!

While touring the Northern Bobwhite Restoration Initiative study site, we stopped our tracking of the Bobwhite to watch cranberry harvest activities at one of the bogs. As the workers were waist deep in the water, moving the floating cranberries with the use of floating booms and large boards towards one…...

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