Nature of Mendham

How planting a demonstration native plant garden helped boost community awareness

A central location next to a busy playground and playing fields was the perfect spot for Mendham’s first native plant garden. This garden aims to show residents how native plants will look in their yard and explain the mission of the Nature of Mendham’s Community Wildlife Habitat certification program. There are signs labeling which plants are used as well as a QR code linked to the garden design to make it easy for residents to replicate. There are also brochures which explain how residents can certify their yard and information on where to buy native plants.

Nature of Mendham program leader, Kylie Bailin, Chair of the Environmental Commission Martin Slayne and Township Committee representative Amalia Duarte show off the garden after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Group photo credit: Kylie Bailin

Baby Red-shouldered hawk: Chris Neff