New Jersey Audubon Referenced in New Textbook by Renowned Forest Ecologists

When one talks about THE experts of modem day ecological forestry all roads lead to Dr. Jerry Franklin and Dr. K. Norman Johnson.  Their recent work, Ecological Forest Management,  outlines the “fundamental changes that have occurred in all aspects of forestry over the last 50 years, including the underlying science, societal expectations of forests and their management, and the evolution of a global economy. This textbook is an effort to comprehensively integrate this new knowledge of forest ecosystems and human concerns and needs into a management philosophy that is applicable to the vast majority of global forest lands. Ecological forest management (EFM) is focused on policies and practices that maintain the integrity of forest ecosystems while achieving environmental, economic, and cultural goals of human societies.” 

Appearing in Chapter 8 of the textbook, guest author Bob Williams of Pine Creek Forestry, discusses the NJ Pinelands region of New Jersey.  Here he discusses, over two pages, the story of his work and collaboration with New Jersey Audubon, which through a shared vision, applied science and the use of ecological approaches to forest management in the Pinelands ultimately lead to NJ Audubon’s Bobwhite Translocation project at the Pine Island Cranberry study site in Chatsworth, NJ.  

NJ Audubon congratulates the book’s authors, and guest author Bob Williams, for their outstanding commitment to stewardship and natural resource conservation and thank the authors for including NJ Audubon in the book and applaud its publication that will be the foremost reference for modern day ecological forest management.

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